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At FEMINIL, we are so certain that our product works perfectly that we offer you the possibility of trying it for 1 month with the commitment of a full refund in case you aren’t completely satisfied with the results.

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Return 100% guaranteeUse our libido booster for a minimum of 30 days and if for any reason the results obtain are not what you expected you will be able to return the original packs within the following 37 days from the reception of your order (30 days + 7 days for shipping it back) in order to make effective the total refund of your money (to do this you need to send all the packs back, the full and the empty ones). We commit to give you 100% of the product's cost back (except from shipping expenses) in case you are not fully satisfied with the results you obtain.

All you have to do is e-mail us through the CONTACT section and the team of professionals at Feminil customer service will solve any problem you may arise, both before and after your purchase.

With the unique composition of Feminil you will considerably increase your sexual appetite, improving your sexual relations and pleasing your partner so much more. With our exclusive, 100% natural formula you will get unbeatable results since, apart from increasing the blood flow and maximizing the excitement of your clitoris, it will help you normalizing your hormonal balance reducing the symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome and the menopause, and it will increase your fertility by toning up and strengthening your whole reproductive system.

The formula of Feminil is unique because of the quality of its composition. You will not find in the market any other product with these characteristics that can be compared to Feminil since all its ingredients are fresh and healthy.

For us, it is essential that Feminil is recommended by doctors because that makes our customers feel safe, something other products of the sort cannot provide. Our medical team has recommended Feminil to their patients as an effective, safe product to increase and improve sexual desire, causing a higher interest in sex and considerably enhancing the enjoyment of it. All of that results in a general improvement of the sexual health and a higher self-esteem, both individually and as a couple.


Dr. Arana
Sexologist and professional doctor

Feminil is the most effective libido booster in the market today (…) because it does not only help increasing sexual desire but it also helps increasing fertility by toning up and strengthening the reproductive system (…)

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The products are sent the very same day your order is processed so it will take 2 to 3 working days if the delivery is made through UPS and 10 to 12 if it is through TNT. As you can see, we use prestigious transportation companies to deliver the product to you as far as possible and with every guarantee.

All our orders are delivered with discretion so it is impossible to identify the content of our packages. You will not find any sign related to the product on the outside evidencing what is inside.

libidoWhether you buy our product using your credit card or any other payment method, your purchase is totally safe and your information is confidential. We guarantee that your personal information will not be shared or used without your express consent. We use top-security payment platforms in order to keep your personal data private and confidential, so no one can access our databases and take information. Your credit card will be totally safe thanks to our protection programs. Your e-mail, address and contact details will never be revealed in accordance with the legislation in force. (Data Protection Act of 1988).

Our payment methods are through the credit card payment platform click&buy (in this case, only the concept and name of this payment platform will appear, without any reference to the product's name or its purpose) or by cash on delivery, receiving the product through a carrier at your door. All these payment methods are totally safe and discreet.

IMPORTANT: The first step to enforce the repayment of the money is to contact our Customer Service team to verify the validity of the guarantee; we do not accept returns that have not been consulted beforehand. Please keep the original packaging of the product. All shipment (round trip) has to be paid by the buyer.
The warranty is valid only if the client has tested the product for the minimum time specified in section of Guarantees and if you buy (in the same order) the number of units needed to make the treatment during that time.

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