Frequently asked questions about Feminil

In this section, we answer the most frequently asked questions we receive from all those women who visit our site in order to clarity any doubt that may arise regarding our product. If you have any doubts or questions that are not answered here, you can e-mail us.

Please read this carefully since in this section you will find all the questions and answers that can help you making a decision.

What is libido?

The term libido, in its common use (that is, language in general) means “sexual desire”. Most doctors and psychiatrists believe that a lower than “normal” level of libido represents an illness and they’d recommend taking actions to fix it. This can be also a symptom of an emotional disorder, most commonly known as depression.

Does Feminil really work?

Of course it works. The effectiveness of our product is a result of the quality of its ingredients, extracts of 100% natural plants that are specifically developed and combined to stimulate and boost sexual desire in women.

How does Feminil work?

Feminil is a product that has been developed combining several extracts of 100% natural plants. Each ingredient has been specifically chosen because of the beneficial effects on sexual health in general.

Presented as a daily supplement, Feminil increases the sexual response time, increase libido, intensifies the sexual sensations and organs and balances the hormonal system for an adequate reproductive function.

What are the benefits that Feminil will provide?
Intensify sexual sensation
Accelerate arousal and the coming to a climax
Increase blood flow and maximize the excitement of your clitoris
Enhance libido an get the sexual appetite back
Increase your enthusiasm during foreplay

These are some of the results, among others, that you will get with our product.

How long will it take me to see the first results?

Even though you will experience some of the sensations almost immediately, most of women state that the answers progressively improve with the daily use of our product for a specific amount of time. There are some associated factors, personal factors that are related to the ability of their bodies to change, that also have an influence over this matter such as diet, lifestyle, etc.

Is the use of Feminil safe?

The safety of our product is out of question. Its composition is fully developed from estrogenic plants and all its ingredients are 100% natural and safe, so taking Feminil does not imply any risk to your health.

Does it have side effects?

Feminil is a 100% natural and completely safe supplement so it will not interfere with other medicines and in no case will it have secondary effects that may result harmful to your health. Just make sure you’re not allergic to any of the components of its formula and that you do not suffer from any illness or sickness. Otherwise, you must see a doctor o specialist before using the product.

Is it safe to take Feminil if I am pregnant or during breastfeeding?

No. We do not recommend taking our product during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods.

How many pills should I take?

You must take one pill a day after breakfast or lunch. We recommend taking it with a glass of water or warm milk.

What ingredients tiewnen the pills?

Maca (LEPIDIUM Meyenii Walp), Niacin (Nicotinic Acid), Ginkgo Biloba, Herb Epimedii extract, Herb Tribulus Terrestris extract, Astragalus Membranaceus and Bioperine. This is a unique and safe selection of herbs that are known for their special properties and mixed in a very effective combination.

Why is Feminil presented in pills? Why not take it in liquid form?

Because it is important to take the right amount, which can only be achieved by taking a previously measured pill. With liquids, which required a dropper, a spoon or a cap, it is possible to take the wrong dose.

Do I have to be of legal age to take Feminil?

Yes. You must be of legal age to purchase and take our product.

Is your product really recommended by doctors?

Of course. Our program is supported by prestigious doctors in the field of Sexology. You can read their testimonials in the Medical Comunity section.

Is it effective for women of all ages?

Of course. The pills are totally effective, regardless of the age of the woman using it. Only underage (18 year old) women cannot take these pills. Feminil is effective for young, mature and older women, regardless of their physical aspect.

Is there a case in which you are not advised to take your product?

We recommend not to take the pills to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, to women with high pressure levels, heart or liver problems, glaucoma, diabetes or allergic to some of the ingredients. We also recommend not taking the pills if you are taking antidepressants or any other medicine prescribed to treat emotional or psychological problems. If you are taking some kind of medicine different to the ones mentioned above or if you suffer from any other illness, please see your doctor.

*See your doctor before using any nutritional product or supplement. You can also check our combination of ingredients and make sure you’re not allergic to any of them.

Is there a case in which you are not advised to take your product?

People’s lifestyle has an influence in every aspect of life, including of course sexual desire. It is evident that living a healthy, organized life with no excesses and with balanced habits will be better for your health in general. However, it is not a direct cause for Feminil not to work, but it is advisable to live a healthy life.

What kind of guarantee do you offer me?

We are so certain that our product works perfectly that we offer you the possibility of trying it for a month with the commitment of a full refund in case you aren’t completely satisfied with the results. Can you get a better guarantee than this? We have grown as a business because we offer excellent products to satisfied customers who place order after order. Our clients often recommend us to their friends. If you don’t see an improvement in your sexual performance, you give us the product back and we refund your money with no further explanations. Please read our GUARANTEE. Come on! You’ve got nothing to lose!

Do you offer any kind of help for your members?

Of course we do. We provide a 24/7 online help service. We will be pleased to do our best to attend the questions or problems you may have regarding our product.

Do I need a prescription to buy Feminil?

NO. Feminil pills are made only with 100% natural herbal ingredients, so it is not a medicine and, therefore, you don’t need a prescription.

Is the shipment discreet?


Buy without

Totally. Each order is sent in a very discreet package without it showing any distinctive or reference to its content, so it is impossible to know what is inside. For you, as for us, discretion is fundamental.

Is it true that they have free shipping?

It is true, in case you decide to buy Feminil by credit card, you will save the shipping costs. Benefit from the advantages and bonuses we offer you.

Will all my personal data be private and confidential?

Totally. In no case will your information be disclosed or marketed with them. You only have to provide us with the necessary information to be able to carry out the purchase transaction with total security for both parties.

Is it safe to buy online?

The security of online shopping is more than reliable and is fully guaranteed. In addition, you should know that whether you buy by credit card or by any other payment method, the purchases made will be very safe, since your data will be completely confidential, since we use maximum security payment platforms to preserve them.

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