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Feminil is the only libido booster recommended by prestigious health professionals who have been able to prove first-hand the speed and effectiveness of our product.

Unlike other products of the kind, ours has real testimonials signed by real doctors, which undoubtedly represents an unbeatable guarantee for our customers.

Read the opinions of our medical team regarding the effectiveness of Feminil.

Dr. Oscar Arana
Psychiatrist and sexologist

“Throughout my professional career as a specialist in problems related to human sexuality, I’ve treated many patients affected by the loss or decrease of their libido. Sexual desire is a psychobiological mechanism that precedes sexual arousal, so both lead us to having sex with other people. Due to multiple factors such as stress, birth control methods, economical problems, etcetera, about 43% of women, at some point in their lives, experience a decrease in their sexual appetite, which is called "Inhibited Sexual Desire Syndrome". This lack of pleasure and physical touch produces depressive disorders, low self-esteem, unhappiness… and can even lead to a couple’s break-up.

However, a series of natural and absolutely safe products has been developed lately, products with a herbal base that considerably contribute to increase female libido to rather important levels. Most of these libido boosters work very well and they are getting more and more popular these days.

From my point of view, and based on the experience of several patients of mine with this type of products, Feminil is the most effective libido booster available today. It is a unique, very convenient system because it helps not only increasing sexual desire but also increasing fertility by toning up and strengthening the reproductive system in order to intensify the orgasm and increase the possibility of having multiple orgasms and to widen the blood flow maximizing the excitement of the clitoris. And all of this without secondary effects and with no risk to your health whatsoever.

All in all, I really trust this magnificent product reason why I recommend it with total confidence to all those women who suffer from this disorder and wish to recover the sexual response that will allow them having sexual relations just like any other woman.

Dr. Óscar Arana

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